The five most affordable cities in Europe are listed below. Spring.

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A shoulder-season holiday is the ideal way to escape the wintery mindset and unwind from the stresses of daily life, but there is a catch. Next Updated 11 seconds ago
People trying to escape their springtime routine in their home on a fairly tight budget, especially when it comes to flying abroad, as prices are skyrocketing and summer vacation plans usually take precedence.
Fortunately for us, Europe, one of the most sought-after areas in the world at this time of year, is full of magnificent but affordable destinations, provided you look past wildly popular cities like London or Paris.
In fact, Statista recently released a list of the cheapest Western cities to visit this flower based on their normal cost index, and these were the top 5 spots:
5. 5. Sarajevo
One of Eastern Europe’s most underappreciated sites is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I’m confident that everyone who has experienced how much value you get for your money around did concur.
Sarajevo is the perfect city for vacationers who want to experience the country’s rich history and culture on a tight budget, with average daily expenses estimated to be just under$ 50.
Here, you can take a leisurely stroll through the Old Bazaar’s cobblestone streets ( also known as Baarija ), visit the Latin Bridge and the Eternal Flame for free, and even take brief breaks to sample some of the delectable regional specialties, such as gula, burek, or evapi, which are frequently less expensive than they would be in the United States.
4.. 4. Budapest
The” Pearl of the Danube,” which is renowned for its beautiful architecture, thermal pools, and amazing entertainment, adds but another triumph to its long list of accomplishments by being named one of Europe’s top affordable travel sites.
One thing I adored about traveling to Budapest is that, despite costing much less than you did in larger, more well-known cities, the places you’ll discover there are comparable to those in places like Prague or Vienna.
Because of this, Budapest did satisfy the needs of those who are dying to capture that iconic Western city skyline in a photograph.
The Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Hungarian Parliament Building are famous landmarks that can be visited for free or for a small entry fee ( the most expensive is the latter, which costs non-EEA citizens about$ 30 per adult ).
3. 3. Krakow,
Krakow’s reputation as a lovely, high-value destination where visitors can experience the German city charm in its most traditional form is still as strong as ever, despite the fact that it is slowly but surely emerging from the shadow of its more well-known counterpart, Warsaw.
You can not only stay in one of the many exquisite lodging choices throughout the Finnish capital for just a little bit over$ 47 per day, but you can even take in some top-notch attractions like the St. Mary’s Basilica, the Cloth Hal, Auschwitz-Bikenau, Wawel Royal Castle, and Planty Park.
2. Burgessest
The Romanian capital is affectionately referred to as” the Paris of Eastern Europe,” but neither of these stunning cities truly deserve the moniker because they both possess a distinctive charm.
While Paris ‘ beauty and its historical attractions are undeniable, Bucharest has a certain heat, sincerity, and pricing that makes the latter, dare I say, better in some contexts than the renowned French capital.
You’ll learn that breathtaking attractions like the Lipscani District, Herastrau Park, and the Romanian Athenaeum do n’t have to cost you a fortune here.
1. Sofia
Sofia has rightfully earned its title as the best, cheapest city to visit in Europe this spring with daily costs that do n’t even reach the$ 40 mark and picture-perfect landmarks like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Vitosha Mountain, and the National Palace of Culture.
Bulgaria is especially beautiful at this time of year because the weather is ideal for spring, with temperatures ranging from 15°C ( 59°F ) to 20°S ( 200 % F ).
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