Why This Little-Known Tropical Island Is Ideal For Digital Nomads.

Distribute this article. Utilize Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Email. Updated 21 minutes ago. Are you a tech-savvy wanderer yearning to break free from the monotony of urban life and skyrocketing costs in most parts of the United States due to the economic turbulence? Or are you just yearning for a more appealing visual backdrop for your workspace instead of the lackluster sight of towering buildings? Maybe moving to an undiscovered tropical island, thousands of miles away from home and not yet crowded by other U.S. expatriates, is exactly what you need to revive your spirits. It might seem like a radical step, but we’re about to persuade you that this African offshore location is ideal for daring remote employees like yourself. It is rich in natural resources, offers breathtaking views, and exposes you to a completely unique culture. Hebben we Mauritius tot nu toe verwaarloosd? In addition, Mauritius has a ‘very high’ Human Development Index ranking and a well-established welfare system. Its citizens and residents enjoy free, wide-ranging healthcare, free education up to tertiary level, and even free public transport for the elderly and students across the islands. Even though these details may not have direct relevance to you as a medium to long-term visitor, they underscore the effectiveness of Mauritius’ systems. And as every seasoned traveller knows, stability is equally as important as the cost of living and safety. Nobody desires to reside in a place where their identity as a well-off outsider makes them a target, in areas of strife, or in nations with low hygiene standards or rampant poverty. Without a doubt, Mauritius has its own issues, and poverty exists as in most countries. However, in comparison to Africa, the poorest continent where there’s high degree of violence and societal progress is significantly lagging behind global averages, Mauritius is a veritable utopia. We do not use this term lightly either. Mauritius genuinely represents a paradise on Earth. Across the entire breadth, length, and even the smaller islands and islets of the archipelago, a countless number of calm sandy beaches and perfect locations for swimming and snorkeling exist. Remember that this is an island country, but can you guess what surrounds it?