The TikTok travel hacks you NEED to know before jetting off

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Whilst summer may be over, the holiday season continues. With thousands of Brits due to jet off over the coming months to enjoy the winter sun, holiday provider, Travel Republic has analysed TikTok data to reveal the travel hacks you need to know before heading off on holiday this winter. 


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Text Message Flight Tracking Hack



The Pillow Hack



The Phone Mount Hack



Private Browsing Mode Hack



Free Room Upgrade Hack


Text Message Flight Tracking Hack – 10.4 million views

Credit: TikTok (@loulouexplores)

The text message flight tracking hack is the top travel hack on TikTok receiving over 10.4 million views. @loulouexplores went viral on TikTok after she revealed a small trick she does every time she flies.

@loulouexplores explains ‘if you copy and paste your flight number into messages and send it to somebody, you can hold down on the flight number and it brings up all of your flight details’.

Allowing you to check departure time, arrival time, flight duration and the terminal gate, this is a hack to remember, especially if someone is picking you up from the airport.

The Pillow Hack – 6.1 million views

@dontbemike received over 6.1 million views after he revealed that you should be using a pillowcase as extra storage.

Simply fill an empty pillowcase with clothes and take this through security. Not only will this cut down the weight of your checked-in luggage but it will also double up as a comfortable pillow for the flight.

The Phone Mount Hack – 3.4 million views

Credit: TikTok (@creative_explained)

When flying, there is nothing more frustrating than having nowhere to prop up your phone to watch the latest TV series you’re obsessed with. But not to worry, @creative_explained has the answer to this problem.

Next time you’re on a plane, take your case off your phone and grab the paper bag in the seat back pocket. Place the bag between the phone and the case cover, and close the case. Put the tray table down and place the paper between the table and the chair back, then secure it. If you don’t have a paper bag, a receipt or boarding pass is equally as effective.

Private Browsing Mode Hack – 1.1 million views

Receiving over 1.1 million views the @talktwenties podcast revealed how putting your phone onto private browsing mode when booking a flight could save you money. Podcast guest, Kia Commodore,  explained she’ll look at a flight and it might be £150 but when she goes onto private browsing mode the same flight will be £110/£115.

Kia continues to say, ‘Browsers have something called cookies’, which could be the reason for differing prices. Whilst this may not always make a difference, it is definitely worth trying.

Free Room Upgrade Hack – 633,600 views

Have you ever thought about telling a hotel you’re visiting for a special occasion in order to get a free room upgrade? Well, TikTok influencer @Max Balegede, did exactly that and got the most amazing hotel upgrade for him and his partner’s ‘anniversary’.

According to Max, when booking a hotel room, always write in the notes that it is your anniversary or a special occasion to see if you get anything for free.

The post The TikTok travel hacks you NEED to know before jetting off appeared first on Brand TD.