VistaJet Wellness Program

VistaJet global business aviation company, launched aviation’s first 360 Wellness program, offering access to the most diverse wellness destinations through VistaJet’s Private World, with excursions spanning four continents and over 20 disciplines.

Flying affects both the body and the mind, and for people who fly a few times a week, the impact of jetlag has a real effect on everyday life and business focus.

VistaJet’s new offering transforms the flight from a potential tiring experience into an energizing one, with a multifaceted global wellness portfolio that offers every Member a solution suited to their particular perspective and needs — whether a performance athlete seeking faster regeneration, business leaders seeking greater clarity focus and relaxation, or families wanting to broaden their personal and spiritual connection or discover new ways to live better.

VistaJet is part of Vista — the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light solutions to cover all key aspects of business aviation.

SOURCE: VistaJet Wellness Program